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How we helped Magnum personalise 14,404 ice-cream bars


Client: Unilever (Magnum Ice Creams)
Project: Magnum Pleasure Consumer Engagement Program
Type: Mobile Website Development
Location: Sydney
Results: Massive engagement & sales spike


Unilever's Magnum Pleasure program, a consumer engagement initiative for the popular Magnum Ice Cream brand, typically involves offline pop-up stores in high-traffic locations worldwide. The challenge was to seamlessly merge the physical and digital experiences to engage users in personalizing their Magnums, capturing leads and conversions, while reducing wait times at the pop-up store.

  • Mobile Website: Designed a mobile-first consumer-facing website with an intuitive interface, enabling users to customize their Magnums before arriving at the store. An auto-triggered email provided users with an order number, simplifying the collection process.
  • POS for Staff: Developed a user-friendly POS system allowing staff to efficiently handle customer orders. This included order lookup via order number or QR code, in-store Magnum creation, daily sales tracking, and the generation of order receipts and tax invoices.
  • Lead Data Capture: Implemented a data layer via Google Tag Manager to capture 17 key user interactions. Analytical setup encompassed vital web metrics, tracking consumer data collection, user engagement, traffic sources, device performance, and more.
  • Sales Dashboard: Introduced a dashboard for reporting daily sales data, aiding store managers in maintaining stock levels. It highlighted key sales trends, popular toppings, coatings, drizzles, and other crucial insights. All consumer data was seamlessly integrated in real-time into Unilever's Global CRM via Gigya API 2.6.
  • 12,819 unique website visitors during the campaign period.
  • 80% of the website traffic originated from mobile devices.
  • 983 visitors subscribed to the newsletter on the mobile website.
  • A total of 14,404 custom-made Magnums were sold.