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How we helped Tata Motors change India’s perception of trucking

How we helped Tata Motors change India’s perception of trucking

Client: Tata Motors
Project: Community Engagement
Platform: Facebook, IG, WhatsApp
Region: India


India grapples with a severe shortage of qualified truck drivers. Tata Motors sought to transform the image of the profession and inspire potential entrants by showcasing trucking in a new, positive light.


We conceived 'Photo OK Please', India's pioneering photography contest exclusively for truckers. The underlying insight was that truck drivers have the unique privilege of witnessing the beauty of India daily, experiencing places, people, and cultures that many never get to see. Recognizing that numerous truckers enjoyed capturing their journeys, we established a community platform on WhatsApp. This enabled drivers to self-register, submit their travel photographs, and seek assistance for any queries they had.

Every day, Tata drivers engaged by sharing their queries and travel photos. Updates, including announcements of winners, details about referral programs, photography tips, and encouraging messages, were disseminated. Voice messages were employed for drivers who faced challenges with reading, and explanatory GIFs, predominantly image-led, were distributed.


The impact of the initiative was significant:

  • A staggering 5,000 drivers submitted over 23,000 photographs, showcasing the diverse beauty of India.
  • A remarkable 200,000 messages were exchanged with truckers on WhatsApp, fostering a thriving community.
  • The shared photos reached an audience of 4 million people on social media, resonating widely.
  • The contest resulted in over 120 winners, creating an actively engaged and enthusiastic 'Photo OK Please' community.

Yet, the most profound achievement was the goodwill generated among the Tata Truckers community, with widespread positive mentions across social media platforms. This initiative not only celebrated truckers' talents but also elevated their standing in society.

How we helped Tata Motors change India’s perception of trucking