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How we helped Sun estate win every medium

How we helped Sun estate win every medium

Client: Sun Estates
Solution: Search Engine Optimisation
Industry: Resorts


Sun Estates, a luxury villa brand in Goa, faced a challenge of limited brand awareness and outdated legacy artifacts.

Their existing materials lacked appeal. Additionally, they needed to target potential buyers in a market known for its focus on rentals.


We identified buyers aren't just looking for a house; they seek the promise of happiness and cherished memories in their second home. They long for a return to a simpler, more refined era.

The strategy focused on marketing properties as not just houses, but as havens of warmth, style, and graceful retreats. Communication played a pivotal role in attracting relevant leads.

The copy was carefully crafted to resonate with the right profile of prospective customers, with costs mentioned tastefully to filter out irrelevant inquiries.

  • Continuous optimization of keywords
  • Implementation of extensions in search ads (sitelink extensions & call out extensions)
  • Remarketing for search ads, targeting only relevant search users
  • On social media, targeting audiences interested in luxury magazines, products, house and interior magazines, and related content
  •  228% improvement in search leads
  • 200% increase in GDN (Google Display Network) leads
  • 500% increase in Facebook leads 
  • Reduced overall CPLs (Cost Per Lead)
  • SEO rankings elevated to page 1 
  • Achieved a 6.5X increase in followers on Facebook
How we helped Sun estate win every medium