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How we helped Pharmascience rebrand in a new direction

How we helped Pharmascience rebrand in a new direction

Client: Pharmascience
Industry: Pharmaceutical and Wellness
Headquarters: North America
Project: Branding


Pharmascience, a leading North American pharmaceutical company and a pioneer in the wellness industry, sought a solution that would modernize the company while preserving its core values.


A comprehensive approach was undertaken, involving extensive research, strategic vision, and a deep understanding of the target audience. This encompassed the rebranding of the corporate business, creation of a visual identity, development of OTC brand packaging, and OTC brand websites.

The core of the branding strategy revolved around the amalgamation of "North" with "Wellness", symbolizing guidance, movement, change, catalytic power, and steadfast pursuit of goals.


The streamlined brand and organization, focused solely on OTC brands, empowered Norwell with the agility and flexibility to drive the growth of its current OTC brands and introduce new innovations into the Canadian marketplace.