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How we helped Blizzard make 100,000 USD on Black Friday

How we helped Blizzard make 100,000 USD on Black Friday

Client: Blizzard
Project: Gear Store Backend Development
Solutions: Technology
Platform: Magento 2
Region: Global


Blizzard, the global game development powerhouse wanted us to get their Gear Store ready for Black Friday within a tight 8-month timeframe. High transaction volumes and traffic surges were, of course, inevitable.


The project came with several unique challenges:

  • Coordinating with multiple stakeholders spread across different continents and time zones.
  • Navigating the intricacies of the newly launched Magento 2.1 version.
  • Implementing real-time integrations with Blizzard's backend and various third-party systems.
  • Executing complex data migration and extensive third-party integrations.

We collaborated closely with Magento to address issues and contributed to the development of effective solutions.

Extensive customization and enhancements were employed to meet Blizzard's demanding business requirements.

Custom scripts were developed to manage the monumental data migration effort, complemented by a meticulous plan to synchronize multiple legacy inventories across diverse systems.

  • Blizzard's Gear Store was one of the most sophisticated eCommerce platforms in existence.
  • On Black Friday 2018, the site handled over 100,000 user sessions and facilitated 1.5 million pageviews.
  • A staggering 15,000 orders were processed in a single day, resulting in revenue exceeding USD 100,000. This outstanding performance established Blizzard as a major player in the eCommerce realm, enhancing their brand visibility and revenue streams on a global scale.
How we helped Blizzard make 100,000 USD on Black Friday