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How we helped Tata Ace turn a sales milestone into an iconic cultural truth


Client: Tata Motors
Project: Sales Milestone Campaign
Solution: Film Production, Social Media, Campaign Strategy
Region: India
Results:Fame, Brand Love


In the very competitive commercial vehicles category, Tata Ace successfully reached the 20 lakh vehicle sales milestone. While most milestone announcements revolved around big numbers. But without making it relevant to the consumer, the announcement would not be engaging or memorable enough


The first step in defining the message was to deconstruct the celebration number of 20 lakh to a much more dramatic truth – that an Ace is sold every 3 minutes.

Ace’s communications platform and its key brand value is the brand’s central role in transforming lives, starting with that of the owner. This was leveraged to say that Ace had successfully transformed a different life every three minutes since launch.

  • This campaign video was the most viewed Indian ad on YouTube.
  • It won a Brand Equity mention for Best Ads of the month.